Through this Cookies Policy, ELYSIUM CBD OILS, S.L., (hereinafter, “ELYSIUM”) informs Users about the use of data storage and retrieval devices in their terminal equipment.

1.- What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are sent to the User’s computer/smartphone/tablet when they access certain websites and apps that permit the storage of User preferences, enhancing the interaction between the User and the Website.

The information collected by the cookies is anonymous and contains no sensitive information, as they do not obtain data that can identify the User. In all cases, Users can access their browser settings to change and/or block the installation of cookies sent from the Website, without this preventing them from accessing the contents.

2.- Why does ELYSIUM use cookies?

In accordance with Article 22 of the Information Society Services and E-Commerce Act and the “Whereas” Clause (30) of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter, “GDPR”), this Website uses cookies or other data storage and retrieval devices to monitor interactions between Users and the services provided on the Website.

Cookies make it possible to recognise the User’s browser and the type of device they use to access the Website. They are used to facilitate the next visit by the User and increase the usefulness of the Website.

ELYSIUM uses cookies to:

(i) Optimise the User’s browsing experience by monitoring the session.

(ii) Gather information to optimise browsing and improve the Website.

The Website uses the following types of cookies:

•Strictly necessary: These cookies are those that are strictly necessary to provide a service or content requested by the User. They take charge of technical aspects such as identifying registrations and the management of tool preferences in the use, interaction and location of access to contents.


Name  Purpose Expiry Provider
PHPSESSID Cookie generada por aplicaciones basadas en el lenguaje PHP. Este es un identificador de propósito general utilizado para mantener las variables de sesión del usuario. Normalmente es un número generado al azar, la forma en que se usa puede ser específica del sitio, pero un buen ejemplo es mantener un estado de inicio de sesión para un usuario entre páginas Sesión
utm_source Gestión interna un día
utm_medium Gestión interna un día
utm_content Gestión interna un día
utm_campaign Gestión interna un día
cookiefirst-consent Esta cookie guarda sus preferencias de cookies para este sitio web. Usted puede cambiarlos o retirar su consentimiento fácilmente. un año Cookie First
cookiefirst-id Esta cookie contiene su identificación única para que CookieFirst pueda identificar a los visitantes únicos de este sitio web un año Cookie First


  • Functional: Functional cookies provide the User with information that enriches their browsing experience, such as showing the weather forecast based on their location.
Name  Purpose Expiry Provider
__utmt_UA Usado por Google Analytics. Controla la tasa de solicitud 10 minutos
_gid Registra una identificación única para un visitante del sitio web, rastrea cómo el visitante usa el sitio web. Los datos se utilizan para estadísticas. Un día Google
_gat Establecido por Google Analytics para controlar la tasa de solicitud. Un minuto Google
_ga Registra una identificación única para un visitante del sitio web, rastrea cómo el visitante usa el sitio web. Los datos se utilizan para estadísticas. 2 años Google
__utmz        Esta cookie es establecida por Google Analytics y permite a los administradores del sitio web rastrear el comportamiento de los visitantes. Esta cookie en particular identifica la fuente del tráfico para que Google pueda decir a los propietarios del sitio de dónde provienen los visitantes al llegar a su sitio web. 6 meses Google
__utmc Esta es una de las cuatro cookies principales establecidas por el servicio Google Analytics que permite a los propietarios de sitios web rastrear el comportamiento de los visitantes y medir el rendimiento del sitio. No se usa en la mayoría de los sitios, pero está configurado para permitir la interoperabilidad con la versión anterior del código de Google Analytics. En versiones anteriores, esto se usaba en combinación con la cookie __utmb para identificar nuevas sesiones / visitas para los visitantes que regresan. Sesión Google
__utmb Utilizado por Google Analytics para determinar las sesiones / visitas 30 minutos Google
__utma Google Analytics establece esta cookie y se utiliza para distinguir usuarios y sesiones. La cookie se actualiza cada vez que se envían datos a Google Analytics. 2 años Google

• Statistical/analysis: These cookies collect information about the use of the Website such as how long the User stays on the site and the contents they view, in order to measure its performance and improve browsing.
• Advertising: These cookies gather information about the User’s browsing habits in order to manage advertising space and provide more relevant quality content for them, in accordance with their tastes.

The main objectives pursued by this type of cookie are:
• To permit the anonymous identification of Users who browse and thus the approximate number of visitors.
• To anonymously identify the contents most often visited.
• To find out if the User who is accessing is new or repeating a visit.

The Analysis cookies used on the Website are listed below:


Name  Purpose Expiry Provider
  Facebook establece esta cookie y podría usarse para rastrear conversiones y fines publicitarios.


Sesión Facebook, Inc.
fr Cookie establecida por Facebook. La información recopilada se utiliza en sus productos publicitarios, por ejemplo, ofertas en tiempo real de terceros anunciantes. 3 meses Facebook, Inc.
_uetvid         Bing utiliza esta cookie para determinar qué anuncios se sirven que pueden ser relevantes para el usuario final que navega por el sitio. 16 Días Bing
_uetsid Bing utiliza esta cookie para determinar qué anuncios deben mostrarse que puedan ser relevantes para el usuario final que examina el sitio 1 día Bing
_fbp Facebook utiliza esta cookie con fines publicitarios y para el seguimiento de conversiones. 3 meses Facebook
MUID Esta cookie es ampliamente utilizada por Microsoft como una identificación de usuario única. Se puede configurar mediante scripts de Microsoft incrustados. Se cree ampliamente que se sincroniza entre muchos dominios de Microsoft diferentes, lo que permite rastrear a los usuarios. 1 año
IDE Cookie de Double Click (Google) que nos ayuda a analizar y optimizar nuestras campañas publicitarias. 1 año

4.- How to disable cookies?

Cookies that are not strictly necessary to browse this Website may be disabled in the section entitled “Set Cookies here”.

These settings are located at the bottom of the Website page. In addition, all browsers permit changes to disable the cookie settings.

For this reason, most browsers offer the option of managing the cookies in order to obtain a more precise control over privacy.

These settings are located in the “options” or “preferences” sections of the browser menu.

Below are the links of each browser to permit the disabling of cookies in accordance with the instructions:

Internet Explorer

• In the tools menu, select “Internet Options”.
• Click on the privacy tab.
• Use the six position cursor to establish the privacy settings to control the number of cookies to be installed: Block all cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default level), Low and Accept all cookies.

Mozilla Firefox

• At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu.
• Select Options.
• Select the Privacy panel.
• In the Firefox option, choose Use custom setting for history and other issues related to your Privacy.

Google Chrome

• Click the toolbar menu.
• Select Settings.
• Click Show advanced options.
• In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings.
• Set the options in the Cookies section.


• In the settings menu, select “Preferences”.
• Open the privacy tab.
• Select the option you want in the “Block cookies” section.
• Remember, certain functions and full website operation may not be available after disabling the cookies.

If you do not want to be tracked by cookies, Google has developed an accessory that you can install in your browser which you can access through the following link:

5.- Cookies in mobile devices

The ELYSIUM Website also uses cookies or other mobile device storage elements.

Those cookies that are not strictly necessary for browsing the Website can be disabled in the section entitled “Set Cookies here”.

These settings are located at the bottom of the Website page. In addition, as occurs with computer browsers, mobile device browsers allow you to change the privacy options or settings to disable or eliminate the cookies.

To change the privacy options, follow the instructions issued by your mobile device browser developer.

Below are some examples of links that will help you to change the privacy options on your mobile device:

6.- Accepting cookies

This Website does not install our cookies in Users’ devices until they have agreed to their installation.

We hereby inform you that if you do not agree to the installation of cookies or disable any of them in the settings, some services may not be available without them, or you may not be able to access other services or make full use of all the services this Website offers.



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